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Frequently Asked Questions

Please see below some answers to questions that we feel applicants and users of this website may have. This is not an exhaustive list, and for further clarification or information regarding any of the applications, please be sure to reach out to either the HBSA SOAC team for general inquiries or HSO-Specific contacts for supplemental application related inquiries.

  • Is there a limit on the number of clubs/organizations I can apply to?
    No, feel free to apply to as little or as many organizations as you would like.
  • What do I do if I do not have a resume template available to upload for my application?
    If you do not have a resume or would like a new template, please use the following template.
  • Am I able to save the application and come back to it at another time?
    Yes, you will be able to save your progress on the application and return to it at any point up until the deadline for the respective organization.
  • Will I be able to view my responses after I have submitted the application?
    Yes, each applicant will receive an email copy of their application upon submission of the general section and each subsequent supplemental application.
  • Will I be able to change the general section of my application after submission?
    Yes, you can edit your responses to the general section given that you have not applied to any organizations (aka completed the supplemental section for an organization). Although, the application will still technically allow you to make edits even after you submit a supplemental application, we will be monitoring submission timestamps on the backend to ensure that this rule was followed.
  • Will I be able to change the supplemental section of my application after submission?
    Yes, the application has the technical capabilities to allow editing after submission, but please refer to the organization-specific policy on their respective supplemental page.
  • In my response to the general question, am I allowed to make connections to other Haas Defining Principles despite already choosing one?
    Yes, you may reference the ideas of other Haas Defining Principles indirectly but please make sure that your response is focused specifically on your chosen principle.
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